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A5 CHRISTMAS CARDS - Choose 10 cards from 1 & 2  £7.95
"Merry Christmas" inside  + £3.95 P&P for any amount of cards

A6 CHRISTMAS CARDS Choose 10 cards from the selection below now £4.95  "Merry Christmas" inside  + £3.95 P&P for any amount of cards

Mentoring offenders and ex-offenders to find not only a new creativity, but a new life


The total UK Prison Population in 2018 was

84,405 in England and Wales, 78,844 males.


The cost to the tax payer of reoffending is estimated to be £9.5 to £13 billion annually.

Around half of all crime is commited by people who have already been through the criminal justice system. 



Our work is dependent on voluntary funding and grants 


Please help keep this vital work going.

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