Original Artwork and Prints* 

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Unfortunately Wix (who we use to host our website) no longer allow UK Charities to use their online payment system,

as they do not recognise The Charity Commission as being an official body.  


Original Artwork & Prints: Shipping charges may apply.


Our galleries below display a range of high quality hand drawn pencil work. These are produced by our artists and available for sale. 


If you would like to commission work of a similar style or enquire about print editions please contact us.

Sales proceeds:


  • After Cost of Sales (framing,printing, packaging ) of the net sale value 5% is donated to Victim Support.


  • Then 40% from each sale goes back to the artist specifically earmarked for their resettlement. This money is kept as a nest egg, for access only on release from custody. All artwork produced by our artists is created in their own voluntary time. .


  • With Released Artists our percentage is switched with their earing 60% and The Charity taking 40%.


  • From Sales of Prints and Cards the percentage that goes to the artist is 30%  (reversed to 50% for released artists)


  • Our work is entirely funded through donations, grants and the money received from art sales.


  • Fundraising is never easy and this may seem a less glamorous cause than some others.

        We need your support because this project helps change individuals and changed individuals contribute to a better society.


Mentoring offenders and ex-offenders to find not only a new creativity, but a new life


The total UK Prison Population in 2018 was

84,405 in England and Wales, 78,844 males.


The cost to the tax payer of reoffending is estimated to be £9.5 to £13 billion annually.

Around half of all crime is commited by people who have already been through the criminal justice system. 



Our work is dependent on voluntary funding and grants 


Please help keep this vital work going.

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